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Featured Jewelry Artist: Tracey "Soulfire" McFadden

Tracey struggled to make ends meet after closing her Reiki business. Determined to change her situation, she was advised to try something she would enjoy doing.

Jewelry making was the first thought.

Due to previous failed attempts with other mediums (macramé, clay) , she was hesitant. In spite of past experiences, she wrote a list of things needed as a starting point while trusting God in the process. As a result of her faith, the next day she received funds to purchase wire, nail clippers, and a jewelry tool.

November 2016, she started following jewelry artists and participating in online forum groups, where she received tips and advice, leading to the birth of her business – Soulfire.

Currently, McFadden sells custom wire and crystal jewelry mainly through Facebook. She mostly works with copper, silver, and gold metals. Crowns are her favorite pieces to make because she wants women to feel beautiful and powerful. As far as jewelry inspiration, she follow the wire and the pieces come to life.

She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to start where they are, trust the process, don’t compare themselves to others, and keep going when obstacles are thrown in the way.

In the future, she plans to open a boutique, have pieces featured on the silver screen and in art galleries worldwide. She’s also looking to learn soldering and gem setting.


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