Wood bead stretch bracelet - brown square beads with round black spacers

"Be Bold" Bracelet Kit

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Make a statement with this brown and black DIY wood bead bracelet kit.

The plumish-brown rectangular beads alternate with small, black discs, tying together a design that’s ideal for the strong, independent personality. Accent a bright outfit or add the final touches to your fashionably casual style with an accessory that you can proudly say you’ve made.

This bold combination of shape and color creates a powerful look that demands attention. Craft this bracelet in 30 minutes or less, with or without the help of a step-by-step written guide or video instructional that’s sent straight to your inbox.


  • Bold style that’s suitable for all occasions
  • Elastic cord for a flexible design that can fit most wrists.
  • Mobile-ready design lets you craft on the go
  • Takes 30-minutes or less to complete
  • Comes with video instructions, delivered via email
  • Suitable for both children and adults

Included in This Kit

  • 6 12mm rectangular wood beads in plumish-brown
  • 24 lightweight wood spacer beads in black
  • 9" elastic cord in black
  • 4x6-in burlap drawstring bag for storage
  • Story Card

*No tools needed

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What Does it Mean to “Be Bold”?

In text, bold is a heavy font that stands out, draws attention and signifies importance. In design, it means that it is vivid and notable. In a person, it means that one is brave, daring, and courageous. Being bold implies that you are a person who refuses to stand back in the shadows, that you speak up when you need to, that you take a necessary risk rather than always going with the flow of things, even if you don’t agree.

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-Rosella Hill | Rosella Writes Marketing-