'Breaking Silence' Earrings Kit

'Breaking Silence' Earrings Kit

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Let your VOICE be heard with these DIY Earrings

Speak out against sexual crimes with this bold teal and gray DIY earring kit. Teal beads represent awareness color. Gray beads represent those silently suffering. Silver plated caps represent the organizations working to raise awareness.

The kit comes with detailed written and video instructions and takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Stand with them.


  • Mobile-ready design lets you craft on the go
  • Takes 30-minutes or less to complete
  • Comes with video instructions, delivered via email
  • Suitable for adults 18+
  • Makes 2 ⅓” Earrings

Included in the Kit

  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • 12mm Teal glass beads
  • 10mm Gray glass beads
  • 4mm Teal glass beads
  • Silver-plated bead caps
  • Headpins
  • Small jump rings
  • Earwires
  • 4x6-in burlap drawstring bag for storage
  • Story Card

Recommended tools (not included)

  • Round Nose Pliers

Limited Quantity Available

Story Card Preview

Sexual assault is any form of sexual activity that happens without a person’s consent. Sexual abuse/violence includes rape, fondling, flashing, molestation, sexual harassment, just to name a few. One out of three women in the United States has suffered some form of sexual violence. Wear these earrings as a reminder that a woman’s body shouldn’t be violated under any terms.