'Breaking Silence' Stretch Bracelet Kit

Crafty Hands Club

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  • Skill Level: Beginners
  • Project Duration: 10-20 Minutes 
  • Bracelet Type: Stretch
  • Length: Up to 8 1/2 Inches


1. Stretch cord.

2. String beads onto cord: gray bead, bead cap, 2 teal beads, bead cap, and gray bead.

3. Add to each side 4 teal beads, gray bead and a teal bead. Leave room to tie ends.

4. Use scissors to cut off excess cord.

5. Dab glue onto knot and slide into bead hole.

Kit Includes:

  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Teal glass beads
  • Gray glass beads
  • Silver-plated bead caps
  • 9" elastic cord
  • E6000 Glue
  • 4x6-in burlap drawstring bag for storage
  • Story Card

Use your voice in DIY Jewelry

Speak out against sexual crimes with this bold teal and gray DIY kit. Teal beads represent awareness color. Gray beads represent those silently suffering. Silver plated caps represent the organizations working to raise awareness. Suitable for adults ages 18+.