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Referral Program

Crafty Hands Club Referral Program

    Refer family and friends and they will receive $5 off their first order. You will receive 4 points to your referral account for every one (1) referral purchase*. Referrals will also receive 4 points towards their rewards account.

     *first purchase only

    VIP Referral Rewards Rules:

    VIP Referral Rewards is for Crafty Hands Club subscribers only. Subscribers are automatically enrolled unless an opt-out request is submitted. Points are added to subscriber’s account once the referred party purchases a subscription.

    Points may be redeemed at any time as long as criteria are met. Points are not redeemable if you suspend or cancel a subscription. Transfer of points is not allowed under any circumstances.

    Complimentary boxes in a one year time period cannot exceed six (6) months. Reward period may accumulate a maximum of 250 points that is good for 36 months from the date of enrollment.

    Upon redemption of points, the unused balance remains in your account for accumulation. If points redeemed points are equal to point balance, rewards balance returns to zero (0). Crafty Hands Club has the right to reject points redemption at any time for any reason.

    Rewards Breakdown

    • 12 points= FREE shipping on next month’s box (month-to-month subscribers only, both box types apply)
    • 20 points= One (1) Month Complimentary Box (both box types apply)
    • 32 Points= Gift card included in next month’s box (both boxes apply)
    • 40 points= Two months of box upgrades to Hobbyist box (Newbie subscribers) or 2 months of complimentary boxes (Hobbyist subscribers)
    • 60 points= FREE birthday gift
    • 72 Points= 3 months of complimentary boxes (Both box types apply)
    • 80 Points= 4 months of complimentary boxes (Both box types apply)
    • 120 points= Complimentary Gift Box with Messaging
    • 160 Points= 5 months of complimentary boxes (Both box types apply)
    • 200 Points= 6 months of complimentary boxes (Both box types apply)