Up until the age of four...

I wasn't able to speak in complete sentences. Mumbling a few words every so often was the most I could give. As a concerned parent, my mom took me to see various doctors, only to be told that there was nothing to be done. Back then, once a diagnosis was given, that was pretty much it because science wasn't wasn't as advanced as it is today. Not only was I labeled "mentally challenged" but it was suggested that I be placed in a special ed class.

As hurtful as it was to hear those words, my mom refused to believe any of it.

At six years old, not only was moving to a new neighborhood challenging but so was being a first grader. To sum things up, I was a hyper-energetic girl who was full of joy, had a short attention span and a creative child that just didn't fit in a traditional classroom setting. Luckily, my teacher believed in me so much that she told my mom that the they can work together and bring out my academic and artistic strengths. 

Never would I have ever guessed that the mom and daughter time in the classroom would lead me to developing skills for creative entrepreneurship. A new Girl Scouts troop was forming in the community and immediately, my mom signed me up for it. I had no clue what being a Brownie was; all I knew was that the first meeting was two Saturdays away! In order to earn badges, I had to complete craft projects and activities where I demonstrated entrepreneurial skills in some type of form. What I remembered the most about doing craft projects was the happy feelings afterward.

Arts & Crafts became my haven; it was judgment-free and gave a sense of joy and accomplishment. As a result of crafting, my attention span grew, I learned discipline, patience, thinking outside the box and that's it's perfectly fine to be unique! 

Whenever I made things for my parents and took them home, seeing the huge smiles and gleaming eyes was priceless. They would place crafts where people could see them and whenever someone gave a compliment, they were more than delighted to tell people that, "my baby girl made this." 

Crafty Hands Club was formed out of my memorable and joyful experience during my creative days as a curious and inventive child with a loving mother. Crafting allows you to decompress, use your imagination, learn new things and take raw materials and convert them into a finished product! 

My mission is to share that same joyful experience with others while inspiring them to make with their own two hands. 

Make It! Wear It!