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Crafty Hands Club help others relive stress and feel great through diy jewelry projects that can be completed in 5 easy steps! Kits are inclusive of essential supplies and materials in order for you to go from start to finish. We believe that you can have a fun and joyful jewelry making experience without spending hours to do so. Our mission is to inspire and encourage you make with your own two hands and wear it with pride! 

Crafty Hands Club taught children and adults how to make clay beads at Chicago South Side Maker Faire. Watch part I and II videos below.




I had a great time today making bracelets with Crafty Hands Club. With the help of our amazing instructor, I was able to make 2 bracelets. I am looking forward to the next Crafty Hands Club event, Awesomeness! “ - B. Fitcher

“Taking a jewelry making class was fun and also a good way to relax. I am excited to have made a reikei themed charm bracelet.” - D. Jones


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