Simple wood bead stretch bracelet - colors: cream and brown

"Pure and Simple" Bracelet Kit

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Pure and Simple. Not Plain and Boring.

Enhance your everyday style with this brown and white DIY wooden stretch bracelet. This design is all about the idea that it doesn’t have to be flashy to be stylish. The deep brown and bright cream wooden beads set a tone of beautiful simplicity while displaying powerful colors with deep meaning.

Like night and day, these contrasting colors compliment one another with meaningful interdependency. Brown- the color of the earth that feeds and shelters us- is a color that stands for strength, and dependency. Cream is white with a subtle yellow tint, mixing the warmth and safety of white with the positivity and clarity of yellow. The combination of these powerful colors serves as a reminder that there is warmth, safety, and clarity in strong relationships, and that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.


  • Simple brown and cream color scheme
  • Trendy wooden beads
  • Elastic cord for stretch design
  • Mobile-ready design lets you craft on the go
  • Takes 30-minutes or less to complete
  • Comes with video instructions, delivered via email
  • Suitable for both children and adults

Included in This Kit

  • 9" 0.8mm black elastic cord
  • 5 8mm cream oval wood beads (lightweight)
  • 5 8mm brown oval wood beads (lightweight)
  • 4x6-in burlap drawstring bag for storage
  • Story Card

Limited Quantity Available

--------Story card preview--------

Embrace “Pure and Simple,” NOT “Plain and Boring”

Pure and simple is not the same as plain and boring. There is a deep beauty is simplicity. There’s a peacefulness in the absence of complexity, a satisfaction in straightforward honesty. Of course, there’s a time for complexity, but that time is not every time.

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-Rosella Hill | Rosella Writes Marketing-