Simple Way to Clean Glass Beads

Glass beads are beautiful.
Glass beads can be expensive
Glass beads can be downright filthy.

This month, subscribers will receive handmade glass beads from India. The process of making Indian beads is long and tedious, including lampwork.

The buildup of dirt, dust, and grit causes beads to feel rough.

It's best to clean beads before making any piece of jewelry.

Some glass beads require mineral oil, however; in this case, all you need is warm water, dishwasher liquid (1-2 drops), container, and disinfectant (optional).

Before and After Images:



The water is almost black, which indicates how much residue the beads were covered in.


After soaking for a couple hours and letting them air dry completely, here's the pretty, colorful beads subscribers will be getting this month!


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