Samantha Barrett: Sound Chick Accessories

We had the opportunity to interview Samantha Barrett, owner of Sound Chick Accessories.

Samantha spills all regarding the path of her success.

Sound Chick Accessories

Q: Talk about Sound Chick Accessories in terms of the backstory and how you took it from a concept to a business.

A: I'm not really sure when but at some point in my life I started doing things as small business concepts without really realizing it. While living in Brooklyn, NY for a few years, as a side hustle, I became a buyer and seller of wholesale handbags that I sold to family and friends at vending events. I came across the jewelry making supply district in New York City and saw certain materials that caught my eye such as feathers. I made feather earrings to wear for myself and sold them to family & friends. I moved back home to Chicago shortly after and established my  business.


Q: Where do you get your creative aspirations?

A: From all the creative energy I'm surrounded with and a great deal of music and art.

Q: Did you always have aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur?

A: 1. No I did not always have plans to be an entrepreneur things just always fell in place that way.


Q: What's been your challenge as a female entrepreneur in the DIY sector?

A: I would have to say funding, time management, and family/life balance have been my challenges so far.

Q: What media of jewelry making would you like to learn and why?

A: Metalsmithing, so that I can increase my skill set and be more versatile in the jewelry that I create.

Q: Are there any future endeavors for SC Accessories?

A: I want to expand my brand to be carried in more brick and mortar stores.

Q: What's the biggest lesson you learned in creating accessories?

A: Staying persistent pays off. Never give up even if you have to take things slow at times.  

Feather Earrings by Sound Chick Accessories

Feather Earrings by Sound Chick Accessories

Q: What accessory using feathers would you like to tackle in the future?

A: I've created pretty much everything I could using feathers from cuffs, earrings, ties, and other accessories, which is documented. Right now I don’t have a particular item in mind but when the time comes, I will create it.


Q: Who's your target audience and how do your products resonate with them?

A: Our target audience is women age 25-60 who have a taste for feathers in their wardrobe. She prides herself in her accessories especially when they are noticed by others. She has no issue wearing unique, bold pieces that start conversations.

These women shop at art shows, artists’ studios & boutique shops. They are looking for something for themselves or as gifts for women close to them. Lastly, they love art and sharing an emotional connection with the artist.


Q: What advice do you have for women who are looking to enter the creative space as a small business owner?

A: I would say trust in God, follow your dreams, write down your plans, always learn new things about your craft, network, collaborate, stay persistent and nothing happens overnight!

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