DIY Peaches & Cream Necklace

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a simple necklace using polymer clay and glass beads. Polymer Clay is one of the most flexible jewelry mediums to work with. It's also easy to learn and goes with other jewelry mediums. 


Materials Needed:

2 FIMO Soft Clay Bars (1.97 oz) - Peach, Cream
Wax Paper (to protect table or other surface)
Scupley Beadmaking Kit (Includes: blade, sand paper, clay roller, bead making guide, needle tool, circle cutter, baking cushion and lentil bead tool.)
Sculpey Clay Gloss
Bead Wire
4mm Beads (Japanese glass beads are used in this tutorial)
Tools: Crimper, Chain Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers
Findings: Jump Rings, Clasps, Crimp Tubes, Ear Wires
Bead Board or Mat


*FIMO clay is soft, so it only takes a few minutes to knead clay compared to other clay brands that takes longer.


Remove clay bars from packet and place onto wax paper. Then use clay roller to flatten. Then knead clay until easy to break apart. (It's best to take bars and break into small pieces. If you don't have a clay roller, a regular roller also works.)

Roll clay once kneaded.

Use blade to cut clay into small pieces. Size depends on how small or large you want the beads to be. Please note that the entire roll of clay isn't needed for this project. Whatever is leftover, store clay in air tight container.

Roll clay into balls. Use circle cutter to make beads the same size. Then use needle tool to make a hole through the beads. I decided to get a little creative  and made a tube like bead and took white clay and made a ball, then used small strips of peach clay and wrapped around the white bead.


Once beads are made, rub gloss onto beads. Make sure gloss don't clog bead holes. Since gloss is sticky, just use a small amount on each bead. Then, place wax paper and beads inside oven. Baking time for this brand was 30 minutes at 230 degrees.

When beads are dry, lay beads onto bead board and arrange in necklace pattern.


Before stringing beads, use crimp tool to crimp tube and add a closed jump ring using chain and flat nose pliers. To see how to open and close jump rings, see YouTube video here:

String beads and crimp the opposite end and add clasp.

The remaining Japanese beads were used to make earrings using a 2 eye pins, a set of ear wires and round nose pliers.

What are you thoughts about this tutorial? What tutorials would you like to see as a blog post? Post your comments below. 


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  • Awesome tutorial!

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