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"Mom & Me" Time

A bond between Moms and Daughters is one of the greatest things on earth! 

Even though my mom didn’t have ‘crafty hands’, I recall many Saturday afternoons of playing dress up. Well...she had me assisting her in cleaning and organizing her closet. Regardless, I enjoyed cleaning and rearranging her faux leather handbags and stiletto shoes. 

I couldn’t wait to take on the jewelry box! I enjoyed untangling long strands of pearl necklaces, beaded bracelets and putting matching pairs of earrings back in one section.

Here’s why you should consider a little glam time with your little one:

  1. You learn something new about your child: her style, personality, favorite color, how she view life and so forth can be determined in spending quality time.
  2. It’s a memory: the years of childhood fly so fast and they are in college before you know it. While your child(ren) is still a kid, it’s best to make the most use of quality time with them. They won’t remember how many business deals you made or how much of a bonus your job paid, but they will remember whether or not you spent time with them.
  3. Your daughter have a chance to embrace her unique appeal: By allowing her to paint her nails, walk around in cute shoes, or choose jewelry to model and snap a selfie, she has a chance to select without being judged.

Did you play dress up as a kid?

If so, what were you fond memories?

What did you enjoy the most about it? 

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