Mid-Year Box Theme Recap

Thanks for checking out this week's post. Here's a quick recap of items made from January - June below: 

January Theme:
A Chain Reaction
Newbie Box Items Created:
20" Necklace, Gunmetal Earrings (not shown)
February Theme:
Wood You Be Mine
Newbie Box Items Created:
2 Necklaces using wood beads and
African glass beads from Ghana.
March Theme:
It's A Clay Thing
Newbie Box Items Created:
Matching Necklace & Earrings or Bracelet
April Theme:
Peaches and Cream
Newbie Box Items Created:
Beads and clay were part of this month's box.
Subscribers had a chance to make their own
beads using peach and white clay.
Clay kit was included in this month's box
May Theme:
An Aqua Moment
Newbie Items Created:
Three necklace variations using 
blue and green aqua beads.
June Theme: Amethyst
Newbie & Hobbyist Box Items Created:
Both boxes had enough content to create a
3-piece jewelry set, plus there were beads
remaining to make additional jewelry items.

"Newbie" boxes subscriptions are $19.99 a month. 

"Hobbyist" box subscriptions are $24.99 a month. 

To learn more about box types, visit the subscribe page for more details.

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