Meet Jana Severin

Jana Severin has been making waves on Instagram with a new spin on beads and jewelry making. Her beads are colorful, using copper wire & fabric. She also dyes and sometimes handspun the yarn used in her work. When asked what sparked her creativity, she often states that she was born creative because she always found herself creating handmade items. She’s constantly thinking of new products, however she always returns to bead making.

Big Hole Beads - Handmade Fabric Textile

“I love the colors the most.” Jana says when speaking about her affinity for creating beads. Her products have been sold in several countries including the United States, China, Australia, Canada, Russia, and Japan. In spite of her success, she is always seeking ways to evolve as a business owner. You can find her promoting her products on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. She knows the craft supplies industry is competitive, which is why she is constantly finding ways to stand out among others in the space.

Fiber beads can be used on strings, wire, and chain links as long as the bead hole is large enough. Her beads have also been seen on earrings, bracelets, and necklace designs.

Jana Severin was born in Germany. She currently resides in Spain with her husband and three children.

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  • Hi! I’m a jewelry designer and would love to buy some of your textile beads. Where a the best place to view them? Thank you!

    Doris Klein

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