Is Jewelry Making Quick and Easy?

I strongly believe that doing things in repetition along with having patience, are two essential tools to grow your crafting skills. Whether it’s sewing, knitting, crocheting, quilting, baking, or jewelry-making, you almost always see the words ‘quick and easy’ heavily used in tutorials.

In a way the word usage is understandable due to the fact that we live in an ‘instant gratification’ society. On the other hand, those words are offensive (at least when it comes to crafts). There’s more to crafting than completing a project. It requires a focus and time.

Honestly, when I’m working on a project, I like to make sure that I am doing the project correctly (verses finishing in less than an hour). Even more so when it’s being gifted to someone.

I enjoy spending a great deal of time on craft projects. It’s a stress reliever and a good way to relax. The idea of learning fundamentals and figuring out how to get unstuck on a project (which has happened plenty of times) are the teachable moments.

Think about famous art masterpieces like ‘David’ and ‘Mona Lisa’. Imagine how those pieces would’ve turned out if Michelangelo and Leonardo di Vinci were instructed to complete them in less than an hour.

So what about the easy part?

Truth be told, it depends. Just because something comes naturally to one person doesn’t mean another person will have the same experience.

Here are three main reasons why:

  1. Tutorial Type: No two instructors teach alike and not all instructors are good at teaching. Sure a person can be excellent at sourcing materials and designing jewelry but may lack the patience for instructing others.
  2. Learning Style: Everyone processes information differently. There are visual learners. There are students who can learn by listening for buzz words and then there are those who learn through a hands-on approach. With that being said, a set of written instructions without photos wouldn’t help a visual/hands-on learner. Neither would sequential photos help an audio learner.
  3. Jewelry Media: Unless a person works with mixed-media or has mastered all types of jewelry-making, learning a new genre can be challenging. For instance, if a person has been only using polymer clay and decides to try metal smith or art glass, the learning curve won’t be easy. The person will have to become familiar with new fundamentals, supplies, tools, machinery, and so forth.
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