Five Life Lessons from Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a hobby.

As a creative child in a traditional school setting, it was hard to balance between the two.

Then, I became a Girls Scout, where creativity was welcomed. As a result, I grew socially, academically and gained leadership skills.

Recently I was asked what life lessons can be learned from jewelry making? After giving a bullet list of them, five stood out.

Here are five life lessons you can learn from making jewelry.

Increase in Focus:

Jewelry making requires attention to detail. No matter how many instructions a project may entail, it’s wise to follow step-by-step. Use of tools and jewelry techniques are also focus-based.

Ask the Right Questions:

All supplies, tools, and materials are created equal. Knowing the correct sized items when making jewelry is important. Nothing's worst than getting excited about making something and not having the right materials. Knowing size and types will help you understand best uses.


It will be times when you're working on a project multiple times before getting it right! You have a choice: to keep going to give up altogether.

Allocation of Resources:

If working with vintage or limited quantity beads, you'll find creative ways to incorporate them into jewelry designs without running out. A way to save high quality or one-of-a-kind beads is by using spacers, tube beads, or make other articles of jewelry that requires fewer materials: earrings, pendants.

Be Open to Challenges:

The longer you make you, the more you'll want to take your skills to the next level. Take a class that’s slightly above your skill level or try a project with mixed mediums. Another way is to learn a new medium altogether.

The best lessons have nothing to do with a classroom setting!

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