Does the Quality of Jewelry Making Supplies Matter?

What difference does it make?

Supplies are supplies……….

They all do the same thing………

I’m not paying that when I can get more for less…..

Who cares about the quality when it’s handmade?

These are examples of expressions used when it comes to purchasing supplies. However; the quality of supplies in jewelry making does matter.


Let’s be real, when you’re first starting out, it’s wise to practice your new hobby using inexpensive materials until you get to a point where you are familiar with weaves, loops, and so forth. Plus it wouldn’t be financially sound to spend an arm and leg on supplies that you may never use again.


If you plan to expand your creativity (i.e., selling handmade jewelry, becoming a craft instructor, or selling jewelry supplies), the quality of materials is something you should consider. There are pros and cons to everything and jewelry making supplies is no exception. Sure you may get thousand of beads or jump rings for “affordable pricing” but if the supplies cause skin irritation or cutting of the skin and are filled with lead, easy to break, or tarnish easily, the cheap cost isn’t worth it in the long run.


The quality of supplies does play a factor in consumer’s purchasing decisions. If customers see that supplies are fragile and tarnishing green while on display, it’s going to remain unsold. On the business end of things, you want to be profitable (otherwise you won’t be in business long) but you can expect something for nothing either. Consumers are smart and they know when they’re being ripped off. Besides, you don’t want to earn the reputation of using low end items in your crafts. Due to customer’s rights to post bad reviews without retaliation and social media groups, there’s a chance that your name will be dragged through the mud in just a matter of seconds.


The next time you purchase supplies, here’s a few questions to ask before heading to the counter:

  1. Are materials durable? 
  2. Do materials contain hazardous chemicals? 
  3. Will supplies tarnish? 
  4. Would you use low quality supplies to make jewelry for yourself? 
  5. Which is more important: quality or quantity? 


Have you noticed a difference in your crafts when you use high or low quality materials?

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