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Inspiring Through Jewelry Making

Quonda Renee-Flaunt Ya Faith Jewelry

Quonda Renee’s entrepreneurial journey started as a child. As a kid entrepreneur, she sold frozen ice, lemonade, hot chocolate, and candy. During those years, she learned about risk taking, supply & demand, and customer targeting. In her later years, she chose the corporate world. After suffering from a layoff, she decided right there and then that she will never be under anyone’s control again.

The business, ‘Flaunt Ya Faith’ came from her faith-driven personality. Quonda wanted her business to be more than just making jewelry for customers. She took it a step further by stamping inspirational messages to encourage others to stand up for their beliefs. The fact that she’s known to inspire and encourage others through social media interactions, made her branding message that much easier to communicate.

Here’s 3 business tips from Quonda Renee as they relate to customer preference, business experiences, and delivering exceptional customer service:

#1. In the beginning the greatest business challenge was that I didn’t know my customer base. I had no clue as to what I was doing. Over time I built my business through YouTube videos and learned through trial and error. The other challenge was in the jewelry making process itself. Many times the products couldn’t be sold due to faulty products (loops weren’t the same, incorrect cutting, and incorrect metal stamping).

#2. Excellent customer service is what makes my business unique in an oversaturated space like handmade jewelry. After my customers make a purchase, there’s follow up through emails, holiday cards are mailed to them, and social media engagement. I also got to know my customers on a personal level so that I could understand their needs and preferences. One of the greatest entrepreneurial victories is seeing customers write positive reviews. Happy and satisfied customers are priceless!

#3. My best advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to enjoy the journey, believe in what you do, and be confident about it. How you value your products or services is how your audience will value it!

Flaunt Ya Faith Jewelry

Quonda also shared that as a kidpreneur, she was more willing to take risks because her parents provided the necessities. Also, selling was easier because she was a child and people were more willing to buy from her. However as an adult being an entrepreneur, there’s risk involved but the level of risk being taken is conservative. Also, there is more of a focus on targeting customers, marketing, branding, etc.

Quonda Renee is a recent MBA Graduate and the owner & founder of Flaunt Ya Faith, an inspirational jewelry for women. Quonda Renee coins herself as the "Chosen Introvert”. Quonda Renee has been featured on various blogs and is a Huffington Post contributor. She a faith driven entrepreneur who loves God, inspiration, and fashion.

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