Breast Milk Jewelry

Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide (according to stats, $14 Billion is spent each year on this day). 

If you’re a mom reading this, Happy Early Mother’s Day to you!

At the beginning of the year, while searching for trends in jewelry making, one of the most searched phrases was ‘breast milk jewelry’.

I’m not a mom, so the existence of breast milk jewelry never occurred. After reading, researching and viewing images, I think the concept is a beautiful thing!

New moms wanted to create something as a keepsake of their babies during the nursing stage and what better way than to put it in wearable form. The first piece of breastmilk jewelry was introduced 6 years ago. One year later, breastmilk jewelry gained media attention in the UK.

How's it made? Breast milk jewelry is made of breastmilk (as little as 2 teaspoons depending on what you make) mixed with resin. Of course, there's sitting time but that's for a later time.

The most popular forms of breast milk jewelry are European beads, pendants, lockets, rings, and earrings. You may also find them in bezels also. What’s also nice about breast milk jewelry is that you can personalize it (pendants, lockets) with child’s name, birthday, shapes and just about anything else you want to include.

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