5 Reasons to Learn a Craft

We love sharing the community, creativity, and joy we get from crafting with others. Today, I am sharing five different reasons to learn a craft. Often, people are intimidated by learning a new craft for various reasons but there are many ways your life can be enriched through crafting.

Here are the five reasons to learn a craft

1- You will learn something new.

Get excited to learn something new every time you craft. Whether you are learning a new technique or using a new pattern, you will always be building your skillset. There is something so empowering about expanding your horizons and challenging your mind. This excitement will translate to other areas of your life as well.

2- Crafting provides new opportunities to socialize.

Crafting will lead you to connect with others that you otherwise may not have. There are craft related meet-ups, events, and expos. If you are in the Chicago area, Crafty Hands Club hosts jewelry making parties. Our parties are perfect for birthdays, girls night, work retreats and more! All parties include all supplies and instruction. Click here to learn more about our parties. There is always opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who love to craft or are interested in learning a new craft.
Jewelry Making Party/Class Chicago

3- There is potential to earn an additional stream of income.

As you grow in your craft, others will notice. One of the best compliments you can give a crafter is asking them where they got their bracelet or who made that blanket when they are the ones who made it! People will want what YOU made with your own two hands. Your craft may become a side gig and you can earn extra cash for every month and it could grow to become a full-time business. You never know until you start!

4- It will help relieve stress.

Learning a craft is a great way to relieve some stress. Crafting is more beneficial for you than emotional eating and other bad habits. Furthermore, crafting stimulates your brain and promotes creativity. When learning a new craft, you are learning about different techniques and tools. Then you have to put together everything you are learning to complete a project.

5- There is a creative outcome.

The best part about learning a new craft is at the end you will have a product that you yourself made with your hands. It is very rewarding to hold or see a finished product. If it is your first time and the project didn't come out quite right it is okay. You will still be proud of yourself for the time and energy you put into your project. And don't forget all the fun you had crafting. The first time I made a bracelet, it did not turn out exactly how I wanted but it still sits in my jewelry box as a reminder and memory.
Making jewelry
I hope this blog post inspires you to learn a new craft. If so, comment below what you would like to try. (We hope you’ll say jewelry making :) )

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