5 Benefits of Jewelry Making Parties

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I’m sure you’ve heard of those forms of entertainment. As much as I love shoes, wine, and pampering, unfortunately that’s not part of Crafty Hands Club's offerings. However we do have jewelry making parties.

That’s correct!

This is currently offered to customers who reside in the Chicagoland area. Jewelry making parties are a fun and creative way for women to meet, mingle, and of course, make a fabulous piece of jewelry! Besides the obvious, here are additional benefits of jewelry making parties:

  1. Affordable: The party literally comes to you. Since you don’t have to leave home, you’re saving on mileage, gas, Lyft, Uber, and other modes of transportation. The cost is fixed, on a per person basis. Compared to the cost of a typical ‘ladies night out’ (i.e., bowling, dinner, drinks, movies), a jewelry making party is cost effective.
  1. Time Saving: Parties usually last 90-120 minutes including setup, materials, live instruction, and take down.
  1. Variety: Materials are selected based on color, theme, and/or occasion.

November's Theme is Fall Harvest!

  1. Flexible: Parties can be done anywhere; home, church settings, nursing/retirement homes, family reunions, schools, meetup groups, and the workplace. Jewelry making parties are also available for children’s events as well.
  1. Fundraising Idea: Why not have you and a group of like-minded individuals can get together and create jewelry to donate as to a charitable organization.

Are you located in the Chicagoland area?

If so, feel free to complete our inquiry form and within 24-48 hours, our customer service representative will respond!

Interested in attending a FREE jewelry making party?? Come to our Create with a Cause Event on Saturday October 29th!

For those outside the Chicagoland area, let us know your thoughts about the blog by commenting below.

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